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Now Available: A One Click Link to Start a OneDrive Sync for a SharePoint Library White Paper

Many companies are transitioning from file shares to SharePoint, especially with the ability to collaborate on files in real time from anywhere. During this transition, it can be useful to migrate the files to SharePoint, then set up OneDrive to synchronize libraries to the local machine. The files end up in a slightly different place, but it’s still familiar to users.

The problem is that, out of the box, there’s no way to get a one-click link to start the synchronization process. That’s why we developed this white paper, “A One Click Link to Start a OneDrive Sync for a SharePoint Library,” with a corresponding web part. We walk you through the little bit of setup it takes to get a one-click link to synchronize a library.

You can get the white paper right now by clicking the link below.

Get the One Click OneDrive Sync white paper

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